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Member Support for Health Net Cal MediConnect Plan (Medicare-Medicaid Plan) changing to Wellcare Dual Align 129 (HMO D-SNP) and Health Net Medi-Cal on January 1, 2023

You will not have a gap in your coverage

Starting January 1, 2023, Wellcare Dual Align 129 (HMO D-SNP) will provide your Medicare benefits.

It will work with its matching Health Net Medi-Cal Managed Care Plan to provide your Medicare,Medi-Cal,Medicare prescription drugs through one organization.  Together these plans are called a Medicare Medi-Cal Plan (“Medi-Medi”). You will keep all of your Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits.

If you are in Cal MediConnect today, you do NOT need to do anything to enroll into the matching plans and keep your current benefits.  This change will happen automatically.

To access your 2023 Wellcare Dual Align 129 plan materials including the Annual Notice of Change sent to you in late September, please visit our Wellcare by Health Net site.

Health Net is making your online account better

We are moving to a new online member account on January 1, 2023. On that date, please access your new online account at

Questions? Contact Member Services.

Additional Information/Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more at our In-Person Medicare Medi-Cal Health and Wellness Events

Notices Sent to You

Contact us if you have questions!  We are here for YOU!

Cal MediConnect – Los Angeles County

Cal MediConnect – San Diego County

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